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Appeals Court Issues Ruling on Trump’s Tax Returns

A federal appeals court rejected former President Donald Trump’s latest effort to block the release of his tax returns to Congress.

Trump can still appeal the case to the Supreme Court.

The House Ways and Means Committee first requested six years of Trump’s tax returns in 2019, but then-Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin denied the effort.

After President Biden was elected, the Department of Justice said in July 2021 that Congress should be able to review the records, which Trump appealed.

U.S. District Judge Trevor McFadden ruled last December that the Treasury Department should turn the tax returns over to the congressional committee, and a three-judge panel on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals agreed with that ruling in August.

The full bench of the D.C. Circuit Court denied Trump’s request to stop the release on Thursday.

House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard Neal, D-Mass., said that Trump has “tried to delay the inevitable.”

“We’ve waited long enough—we must begin our oversight of the IRS’s mandatory presidential audit program as soon as possible,” Neal said in a statement.

  • BIBI says:

    Another witch hunt

  • Grace Bruno says:

    Trump left office almost 2B poorer than when he went in so don’t put him in the same class as Biden, Pelosi an Clinton taxes And he never took a penny of his presidential salary.. He, right now, is a private citizen what right do they have to demand his taxes. Why am I asking a stupid question, these people ignore rules, laws and the constitution. They do what they want and no one stops them.

  • Brontefan says:

    Going after Trump’s tax returns seems to be a preoccupation of the LEFT. Meanwhile, investigating Hunter Biden’s crimes have been ignored. Media remains culpable and we all know the FBI is corrupt, possibly the DOJ now that we see the Attorney General acting like a Marxist as he pushes to go after parents who don’t want their children taught hate, lies, and Marxist ideology.

  • Gramm says:

    If they win on getting an ex-president’s tax returns, that’s supposed to be private between ONLY the IRS and you, what’s to say they won’t come after yours? Do you want your neighbors to know how much you make and pay in? Of course not. Trump is no longer our president and his taxes should not be the interest of Congress any more.

    The Democrats are just witch hunting and sat out to destroy this man. It’s a very scary and sad day in America that they are getting buy with this crap!

  • Sue Hanson says:

    Mandatory IRA Presidential audit program? Where did that come from? Has Obama’s taxes been audited? Bush’s? Bidens? ANYONES?

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