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AP Gets Ruthlessly Mocked for Reporting Biden Both ‘Sharp’ and ‘Forgetful’

The Associated Press outdid itself on Wednesday in a new report examining President Joe Biden’s mental acuity that concluded he is “sharp” and focused on the job but also someone “forgetful” and prone to confusion.

The seemingly contradictory findings were singled out by conservatives who called out the outlet for carrying Biden’s water less than a week after he delivered a disastrous debate performance against former President Donald Trump.

Since then, a near-endless flurry of media reports have quoted prominent Democrats, liberal donors, and members of the media who have all seemed to suddenly reach the same conclusion: Biden is not up for the job and needs to drop out.

The chorus of concern makes the AP’s report all the most mystifying. Among their findings:

He is often sharp and focused. But he also has moments, particularly later in the evening, when his thoughts seem jumbled and he trails off mid-sentence or seems confused. Sometimes he doesn’t grasp the finer points of policy details. He occasionally forgets people’s names, stares blankly and moves slowly around the room.

Biden’s occasional struggles with focus may not be unusual for someone his age. But at 81 years old and seeking another four years in the White House, the moments when he’s off his game have taken on a fresh resonance following his disastrous debate performance against Republican Donald Trump. The president appeared pale, gave nonsensical answers, stared blankly and lost his train of thought.

The story was based off more than two dozen interviews conducted with allies who frequently spend private moments with the 81-year-old incumbent and who were granted the chance to speak anonymously and candidly about their observations.

One source described the growth of slowness in the president’s gait and demeanor over just the past 12 months, casting the issue as a slow-moving problem that presented a “missed opportunity” for aides to be realistic about his stamina. Rather than confront the problem head-on, the White House employed a strategy to keep Biden from falling in public, sending him up a smaller set of stairs to Air Force One and insisting he wear dressy black sneakers with a high-grip sole to keep his feet underneath him.

Aside from sparse moments of liveliness pointed to by supporters who spoke with the AP, the majority of the story focused on Biden’s private and public struggles and his team’s efforts to limit his unscripted interactions with the media. That meat of the story prompted a brutal round of mockery online.

“Same vibe,” one user on X replied to the outlet, posting a still photo of a reporter covering an anti-police riot with cars on fire while the chryon declared a “mostly peaceful” protest.

“AP in 2024: accurate and fair but sometimes partisan and shoddy,” another quipped. “My kitchen knives are sharp and dull,” joked another.

Another asked a legitimate question. “Do you guys read these headlines out loud before you post them?”

  • Connie Handley says:

    Biden will get worse this stage of Alzheimers any and all pressure makes them worse..the reason Biden isn’t shown much during the evening time..this is called sundown syndrome where symptoms are worse during the evening and nighttime..I took care of my mother who had Alzheimer’s ..I see it in his eyes along with the other mother couldn’t utter a word for about a year before she passed along with other symptoms and disease she came down with such as cancer..t Alzheimer’s causes the body to break down and allow other diseases to develop..I’m not taking up for Biden and will be voting for the third time for President Trump

  • Maxine Abbott says:

    When will the MSM become fair and balanced like they used to be years ago!



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