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AOC Claims Gas Stoves Give You Brain Damage – Trump’s Former Physician Responds

AOC recently took to Twitter to defend the US Consumer Product Safety Commission’s recent recommendation of banning gas stoves due to them reportedly being a “health hazard.”

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted, “Did you know that ongoing exposure to NO2 from gas stoves is linked to reduced cognitive performance.”

Her tweet came as a response to Trump’s former White House Physician Rep. Ronny Jackson tweeting, “I’ll NEVER give up my gas stove. If the maniacs in the White House come for my stove, they can pry it from my cold dead hands. COME AND TAKE IT!!”

As a response to AOC’s comments, Rep. Jackson tweeted back a picture of AOC using a gas stove.

The caption to his tweet read, “AOC says gas stoves cause “reduced cognitive performance” – yet she uses a gas stove? Is this a self diagnosis? AOC, as a medical doctor, I can tell you this: what’s wrong with your head IS NOT caused by stoves.”

Read it here:

As The Gateway Pundit previously reported, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission is looking to regulate and even going as far as ban gas stoves in the United States.

The Commission, which employs a total of 500 employees, is now urging consumers to buy electric stoves.

  • Jannie Kock says:

    Did you know that the US govt aren’t the only ones calling for a ban on gas stoves? No, the govt in the Netherlands are doing the same thing. Absolutely ridiculous! When you turn off the gas, it’s immediate, not like electric stoves that stay hot for long after & as an added “bonus” alow the user to burn themselves because of it. The only reason they want to do this is to make people make people use electricity, is because it’s a lot more expensive & puts more money in the coffers of govt & companies making & selling it!

  • EZ says:

    thiis retarded bitch been whiffing gasoline all her life and probably thinks it’s the gas we cook with….

  • Mary says:

    Democrats need to be abolished from our Government. They do not support our Constitution and do not work for We the People anymore. They are corrupt beyond repair. They need to be replaced with another party. SERIOUSLY!!!



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