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AOC Admits to Violating Congressional Financial Disclosure Rules

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) openly admitted that she resisted congressional financial disclosure rules.

Through her spokeswoman, Communications Director Lauren Hitt, said that AOC is taking her time filing her disclosure that is required by federal law because she still has another 20 days to file before she runs the risk of being fined.

“The committee provides a 30-day grace period before fines are levied. The congresswoman plans to file before the period expires,” Hitt told the Washington Examiner.

Although almost all members of the House have already reported their 2021 financial disclosures as required by federal law, the woke squad member’s status of her finances has yet to be available to the public, which was due to the House Ethics Committee 11 days ago.

The report notes that even if AOC fails to files during the 30-day grace period, the punishment is still fairly minor, with only being fined $200.

This is not the first time she attempted to avoid filing her finances. In 2020, AOC missed the deadline to file her 2019 finances by 30 days.

“Not only is she an admitted scofflaw, she’s a repeat offender… one must wonder whether she also files her income tax returns past the deadlines,” attorney for the National Legal and Policy Center Paul Kamenar told the Washington Examiner.

“Just like AOC did in 2020 when she filed her 2019 disclosure report 30 days late after the 90-day extension, she’s at it again, blowing off the deadline for filing her 2021 filing that was due on Aug. 13,” Kamenar continued to say.

The attorney speculated that AOC could be delaying her filing because of ethical concerns regarding her appearance at the 2021 Met Gala where she infamously wore a dress that read “Tax the Rich” in red ink on the back.

  • Concerned American (Is This America ior Amerika) says:

    Not Enough, 200.00 is a Drop in the Bucket how about 2,000,000 then maybe, thats an incentive to get them done

  • Corky says:

    AOC is just a moron like the rest of her squad. She was one to find fault with Trump not producing his financials, but it’s ok for her to do it. She probably doesn’t want to disclose all the illegal perks she took. She is nothing more than a brainless barmaid! LOSER!

  • jrobby says:

    The stress of lying was too much for her?
    How can she last in Congress??

  • Gunny says:

    These people are just public servants which their main purpose is to represent the people in their district’s interests. Today these corrupted public servants think their ideals served the country’s best interest. We as the people are their employees and we should have the right to terminate them as we see fit. But these same Public servants are creating laws to protect them.
    Here is the best way to get rid of these public servants, by NOT VOTING FOR THEM!!!!!!

  • John says:

    So why hasn’t the Communists bar slut hasn’t been fired from her fraudulent position, and now violated position for exposing classified information

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