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Another Chinese Spy Balloon Crashed Off the Coast of Hawaii Four Months Ago, US Officials Say

A Chinese spy balloon crashed into the Pacific off the coast of Hawaii four months ago, U.S. officials say.

Fox News has also learned at least one Chinese spy balloon flew over portions of Texas and Florida during the Trump administration, despite the former president’s insistence it never happened.

The news comes after the U.S. military shot down a Chinese balloon off the coast of South Carolina on Saturday, seven days after it was allowed to drift across the continental United States.

The White House said that Biden followed the advice of the Pentagon and top military leaders not to shoot the craft down over the U.S. in case it caused civilian casualties and other collateral damage.

Biden administration officials’ claimed that Chinese surveillance balloons also briefly transited the continental U.S. at least three times during the Trump administration.

But Trump and top national security officials from his administration said that did not occur and criticized the Biden administration for spreading disinformation.

“This never happened. It would have never happened,” Trump told Fox News Digital on Sunday morning, adding that Beijing “respected us greatly” under his leadership.

“It never happened with us under the Trump administration and if it did, we would have shot it down immediately,” Trump said. “It’s disinformation.”

  • william g munson says:

    This Current Administration just keeps Lying and Spreading False information and also Covering up TRUTH too

  • Susan says:

    How many times has the Biden administration taken credit for Trump’s successes and how many times have they blamed Trump for their failures! Try each and every day!
    I guarantee you that his SOTU speech will be all about the above.

    You know people are lying when they say, “Look over there not over here” Typical deep state shit, “accuse your opponent of what you are doing”!

  • Mary says:

    There is a good reason ppl are retired: aging comes with senility, dementia,etc. Our president has them all. One day soon, Americans will find out the county is called United Chinese Dominion. Many steps has been already implemented: outsourcing production & killing the US industry – checked; crating economical crisis= checked; disunify the population through political lies, manipulation and a pandemic = checked; have a money hungry, corrupt leader(s)= checked; infiltrate spies in Congress, and all other branches = checked; buy US land = checked.



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