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Anheuser-Busch Now Has Another Problem to Deal With

Declining sales may not be the only part of the Dylan Mulvaney saga Bud Light parent company Anheuser-Busch has to worry about.

Republican lawmakers are now calling for an investigation into the brand’s partnership with the transgender activist over concerns about who the company was marketing its products to with the collaboration.

In a joint letter to Anheuser-Busch CEO and Beer Institute chairman Brendan Whitworth, Sens. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) ask Whitworth and the Beer Institute’s Code Compliance Review Board to investigate whether the partnership “violated the Beer Institute’s Advertising/Marketing Code and Buying Guidelines prohibiting marketing to individuals younger than the legal drinking age.”

The lawmakers point out that Mulvaney’s audience “skews significantly younger than the legal drinking age” and the name of his series, “Days of Girlhood,” should have been a warning sign to the company.

“The use of the phrase ‘Girlhood’ was not a slip of the tongue but rather emblematic of a series of Mulvaney’s online content that was specifically used to target, market to, and attract an audience of young people who are well below the legal drinking age in the United States,” the senators wrote, giving several examples of this from Mulvaney’s videos.

“We would urge you, in your capacity at Anheuser-Busch, to avoid a lengthy investigation by the Beer Institute by instead having Anheuser-Busch publicly sever its relationship with Dylan Mulvaney, publicly apologize to the American people for marketing alcoholic beverages to minors, and direct Dylan Mulvaney to remove any Anheuser-Busch content from his social media platforms,” the letter continues.

Moreover, Cruz and Blackburn say the company’s failure to do its due diligence when choosing influencers warrants congressional oversight and they ask for a number of documents to “help clarify how Anheuser-Busch vets its partnerships and how Anheuser-Busch failed in assessing the propriety of a partnership with Dylan Mulvaney.”

The senators request the documents no later than May 31, 2023.

  • Peggy says:

    This is beautiful!!! They were obviously not advertising to adults.
    These woke companies need to get a clue… we don’t like their tactics.

  • John Grychak says:


  • mandm says:

    It is time to turn the tables on the Government, Government says the children don’t belong to Parents, well, then let’s start subtracting payments for the cost of school, clothing, health and doctor bills that has been spent for children born to parents. Money does talk, they are going to send IRS agents and FBI against us, it’s time to fight back. Parents are fighting the Government for the protection of our children, look at what the Government is not doing to protect all of us all while the Government is allowing Drugs to pour into this country from all fascists of our borders and that means illegals that are not vetted properly.

  • Mike says:

    Just keep boycoting these companies out of business. Don’t let up.

  • Boycotter says:

    A-B boycott going strong !

    We support:
    Real America’s Voice for real news and Yuengling for real American beer !
    Target, Starbucks, Levi Strauss, Miller, Molson, Smirnoff, Ford, Fox, Nike, Google, Coke, Kraft-Heinz, Maybelline, Disney, ALL>Anheuser Busch products, Directv, & ALL mainstream media.
    Not one more cent or one more minute from our household will be spent on these anti-American freaks ! EVER !!



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