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Angry ‘Drunk Karen’ Destroys Young Boy’s Fishing Rod Over Alleged ‘Trespassing in Private’ Neighborhood

An angry Tennessee man, allegedly the HOA president of a neighborhood in Admiral’s Landing, has been caught on video destroying a teenager’s fishing rod and aggressively confronting him and another teen over supposed trespassing on private property.

This outrageous behavior has earned him the label of a male ‘Karen,’ a term used to describe individuals who display entitled and often unreasonable behavior.

The incident was captured and shared on TikTok by an account named FishnShi, which documents fishing adventures throughout Tennessee.

The video, captioned “Drunk [Karen breaks kid’s] $200 rod,” has been viewed over 18 million times on TikTok since it was posted on Thursday.

The viral clip begins with the man, visibly agitated, approaching the teenagers at the corner of a lake.

His loud accusations of trespassing and demands for the youths to leave were met with calm responses from the teenagers, awaiting police intervention.

“We’re just going to wait. We’re not going to mess with anything,” said one of the teens.

The video further shows the man physically intimidating one of the boys and threatening to throw his phone into the lake.

Upon realizing his actions were being recorded by another teenager, the man approached and threatened to throw the teen’s phone into the lake.

In response, the teen warned the man that he would press charges for assault if he followed through with the threat.

Ignoring their warning, the man proceeds to grab and break the $200 St. Croix fishing rod belonging to one of the teens.

He then threatens them with prosecution and financial penalties for their alleged misconduct.

“You know what? We’re going to prosecute. So your parents are going to be really proud of that. We’re going to prosecute you, and you’re going to pay all kinds of money because you’re being a d*ck,” the man said.

One of the teens responded, “I’m not being a d*ck. Sir, you’re the one yelling.”


  • JJ says:

    I noticed that the man never asked in the beginning who these boys were, do they live around here – he immediately starts in on yelling, screaming and threatening these young men!! I would like to know what the outcome of this interaction was!!! The older man was on a major power trip but then he didn’t ask questions, he expected to be instantly obeyed like a damned drill Sargent, like he had terrified these young men!!! Chill out, old man!!

  • frank says:

    The guy should stop drinking if he can’t handle it…



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