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Andrew Tate Responds to Cancer Reports After His Medical Details Were Released

Andrew Tate has denied that he has cancer after confirming last week that he has a ‘dark spot on his lung’.

In the latest update to his millions of Twitter followers, Tate’s account said the scar on his lung ‘is from an old battle’ after the medical details were released last week.

The former kickboxer is currently being held in Romania alongside his brother Tristan on suspicion of organised crime and human trafficking, which they deny.

‘I do not have cancer. My lungs contain precisely 0 smoking damage. In fact, I have an 8L lung capacity and the vital signs of an Olympic athlete,’ the update said.

‘There is nothing but a scar on my lung from an old battle. True warriors are scarred both inside and out,’ the post added in a style that has become typical of Tate’s social media messages since his detention.

Last week, Tate’s team told MailOnline that he had attended a medical consultation with doctors in Dubai about his ‘serious’ health condition that must ‘not be taken lightly’ before he was arrested in December.

Since his arrest, Tate has been receiving medical treatment in Romania for the medical condition – and the influencer remains ‘strong’ and ‘in good shape’ – his representative said on Friday.

Tate’s doctors, in both Romania and Dubai, reportedly wrote in medical documents that the influencer has a lesion of his upper right lung – a condition that has been described as a ‘serious health condition’. His doctor said the lesion could be a sign of a carinoid tumour – a rare type of slow-growing cancer.

Tate initially confirmed the major health fears, with his spokesman telling MailOnline: ‘Tate has a dark spot on his lung, most likely a tumour.’

As a result, his doctors have requested that Tate, who has been held at a Romanian prison since late December on sex trafficking charges, be released from prison so he can receive treatment in Dubai.

But on Monday morning, Tate’s Twitter account moved to quell the questions around his health. His message to his five million followers came alongside a picture of a shirtless Tate striking a pose in a gym, which his left leg stretched out to his side.

Romanian officials have said Tate will receive any medical treatment in Romania.

Monday’s somewhat post continued in typical Tate fashion.

‘As one of the most influential men on the face of the planet It is important for the good of humanity that I live as long as possible,’ it said.

‘At my current strength levels, I estimate to survive for at least 5000 more years. With this in mind, I take my medical care extremely seriously.

‘I had a regular checkup organized in Dubai pre-detention. The doctors were extremely interested in the scar on my lung.

‘They do not understand how I survive without treatment. They do not know the secrets of Wudan. But this battle has long passed.’

  • Auntie Vyris says:

    If you didn’t look up “secrets of Wudan” then you are not a man.

    • I thought about it for a second but then realized he’s just a nut.
      I still accept your premise however, and feel dignified by your astute understanding of manhood. Furthermore, I vow never to usurp your womanhood. I love women very much…just don’t want to be one.

  • Zmb Grrl says:

    The point is why the lie in the first place? Are they planning on killing him? It’s clear this incarceration in Romania, of all places, is a set-up. Likely the American gov’t want to shut him up because he’s too influential to young men in America as a man with conservative beliefs.



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