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American Auto-Giant Blindsides Over 900 Workers with Sudden Layoffs

General Motors is closing its IT Innovation Center in Chandler, Arizona, cutting 940 jobs.

The closing came as a major shock, reported.

This location will close on Oct. 31, according to KTVK-TV.

“Today’s announcement that GM plans to close its Arizona IT Innovation Center came as a complete surprise,” economic development director Micah Miranda said.

“We’ve recently been working with their local team about higher education partnerships, mentoring, and a promotional video highlighting Chandler’s Price Corridor. With this unfortunate news, we plan to work closely with our workforce development partners to assist with employment opportunities for those impacted,” Miranda said.

Erik Gronseth said workers were told Tuesday night there would be a 9 a.m. staff meeting the next day.

“There wasn’t too much of any forewarning of what to expect. Some of us jokingly thought maybe this was going to be along the lines of ‘meet some new coworkers,’ but it’s unfortunate that it turned out the way it did,” said Gronseth.

Gronseth is among a small number of employees not getting the ax.

“That was a bit of relief, bittersweet relief, as we knew a lot of people,” said Gronseth.

That “bittersweet relief” for these workers comes amid a generally tumultuous time, economically speaking. Many of President Joe Biden’s most ardent critics have been quick to blame his administration for many of these economic hardships.

Speaking of hardships, the layoffs in Arizona come after GM already cut about 200 engineers elsewhere, according to the Detroit Free Press.

GM announced the closing in a company-wide email.

“Today we announced the difficult decision to cease IDT (information and digital technology) operations at the Arizona IT Innovation Center at the end of October. This decision was not an easy one, but it will help to optimize our innovation center footprint and gain the efficiencies and effectiveness we need to have to continue to support the company,” Stacy Lynett, GM’s vice president of Information and Digital Technology, wrote.

GM representative Kevin Kelly framed the cut as not to reduce costs, but increase efficiency.

“We’re rationalizing the number of IT innovation centers we have in the country,” Kelly said.

“We’re keeping the other three. But as we look at efficiencies there were some redundancies and that’s why we decided to remove one of the centers,” he said.

The Chandler facility opened in 2014.

GM has three other IT centers — Warren, Michigan; Austin, Texas, and suburban Atlanta.

  • Nate says:

    Automakers lost too much money investing in EV’S, layoffs, higher priced gas engine vehicles are now rising in costs to make up for the blunder and workers are paying a price for their stupidity in listening to “Green New Deal” extremists! They have put “the cart before the horse” without the waiting for technology to mature. Impatience has costs this country trillions of dollars and instead of being energy independent, Democrats have decided to purchase from foreign entities! The United States does NOT profit or rise the top by relying on others, they are dictators and dictate/demand for what they provide! The Democrat Party is also practicing dictatorship over The People of this country. Just open your ears and listen, you will recognize the truth, if YOU ALLOW IT?

  • Tamirose170 says:

    Just last week the Biden Administration sued Elon Musk for not hiring ILLEGALS and then this – – None of what he does makes sense to HELP America prosper – only to continue his destruction. He’s been paid a fortune to weaken and destroy America, as has Kenya’s Barack Obama – – these two have been given Millions to destroy America from within and go against everything that has been our Nations’ Norm and Foundation Pillars for nearly 250 years. Every month he says he has brought Manufacturing Jobs BACK to America – he has created 2Million jobs, blah blah blah. He can say whatever he wants, because those with a brain know he’s lying. What will it take for the Democrats to realize he’s lying 100% of the time. If Biden told me it was raining outside, I’d go look for myself. I don’t believe he is capable of telling the truth ….This is ALL intentional. Take away the gas-powered vehicles, don’t set up ANY infrastructure to power or convert citizens to Electric vehicles but MANDATE them – by 2030. It is essentially a NO Win situation he has set up. We’ll all be left with NO gas powered vehicles and a non-functional EV….and forced into 15-minute cities….because we’ll have no option. So they are strategically creating those now, in CA and Hawaii and other Blue Cities. They want to contain us in these 15-min Cities; so it is easier to CONTROL us as a group. They’ll do what they did in Hawaii – block the roads, shut off the water, shut off the power and start removing necessities until we comply…. with whatever they are demanding. Day 1 of Bidens’ Regime Takeover he started with the Pipeline….Biden & Obama are pushing this Nation to the New World Order (but gives public statements as if we’re running the same under the US Constitution but with his new Bidenomics) – – NONE of what Biden & Obama are doing is to keep the Nation as the Founding Fathers designed in 1776 – – it is all to destroy what we’ve had for nearly 250 years!

    • See more says:

      Tamirose I saw where they are trying to sue Elon Musk and I guess they forgot he’s sending drones and other technology over to Ukrane for the government. If I was Elon I would tell them to go to hell and stop helping for free.

  • See more says:

    I am afraid there’s going to be more than GM closing. Biden has brought down all car industries with that pet project electric cars and trucks that no body can afford and don’t won’t them. Toyato is struggling and made statement they may have to slow EV down.

  • moon says:


  • James Leamons says:

    GM has robbed tax payers and deserves to be out of business. Obama saved them once…



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