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Amendment to Cut Buttigieg’s Salary to $1 Passes the House

An amendment to slash Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s salary to $1 passed the House Tuesday.

The cut, which is allowed under a bit of House procedure known as the Holman rule, was adopted by voice vote to become an amendment to the 2024 Transportation and Housing and Urban Development spending bill, according to The Hill.

The full bill has not yet been approved.

For the amendment to be included in the final budget, the Democrat-controlled Senate would need to approve it.

Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, who introduced the amendment, explained her reasons in a video posted to X. In her post, she said, incorrectly, that the amendment would fire Buttigieg.

“Pete Buttigieg has failed to serve the American people as the Secretary of Transportation,” Greene said in her floor remarks.

Greene said Buttigieg had his priorities wrong.

“He has been busy calling roads racist and forcing equity action plans and implementing climate change initiatives rather than strengthening our nation’s transportation and infrastructure systems and responding to emergencies like the train derailment in East Palestine,” she said, referring to an Ohio train wreck earlier in the year that let loose toxic substances.

“He stated there is racism physically built into some of our highways. Every transportation decision is inherently, in many ways, a decision about equity,” she said.

“I would argue people driving on dirt roads every single day in rural America may feel that way. But our Secretary of Transportation, Pete Buttigieg, doesn’t care about Americans in rural America, he’s more interested in declaring that roads are built on skin color and racism,” she said.

Greene also cited an instance in which Buttigieg was caught unloading a bicycle from an SUV before riding it, as if he rode to work.

“He has also intentionally tried to deceive the American people, as shown when a video surfaced of him faking a bike ride to a White House Cabinet meeting,” she said.

“What a hypocrite! What a liar! Deserving a taxpayer-funded paycheck is about job performance, not about personalities or identity politics,” she said.

At the time, the DOT and Buttigieg said he was not being deceptive and that he did bike the trip to work occasionally, according to the Washington Examiner.

Greene said Buttigieg’s transportation experience was mostly negative.

“And let’s all recall that Pete Buttigieg was formerly a mayor and was well known as ‘Pothole Pete’ for not repairing all the potholes in the roads in the town that he served,” she said.

“While Secretary Buttigieg was taking taxpayer-funded carbon-emitting private jets to receive LGBTQ awards, he failed to serve the Americans in East Palestine, who were devastated by the train derailment and chemical spill earlier this year,” she said.

Americans for Public Trust Executive Director Caitlin Sutherland said Buttigieg has abused his position, according to Fox News.

“Secretary Buttigieg continues to blow off the American people, who simply want to know the true cost of his taxpayer-funded private jet trips,” she said, noting the costs of those trips has not been released.

“Buttigieg looks to be politicizing his role and making it clear that he believes he’s above accountability and transparency, a dismissive attitude that seems to be endemic throughout the Biden administration,” Sutherland said.

  • Larry Bowling says:

    Buttigieg, like most all of the Biden regime in DC, ignores WE THE PEOPLE and conveniently has forgotten that he works for us, we do not work for him. He has performed horribly in his job since becoming part of the Biden regime, as has most people in DC at this point. Why do politicians continue to not do their jobs? Because they think that they can skate by and just receive a paycheck for doing nothing since becoming a political appointee.

  • kronik says:

    Careful Marj, “Deserving a taxpayer-funded paycheck is about job performance, not about personalities or identity politics,” …now look at what you just did to Rashida Tlaib, WHO WAS CORRECT about Israeli terrorism, and the suffering in Gaza. they did attack that hospital, and many others. schools, refugee centers, safe-houses. murdering thousands of innocent people, mostly women and children. you need to UN-do her censure.

  • T says:

    I only wish House patriots had thought of this years ago, and I hope they start applying the power of the purse to all the unconstitutional federal agencies (and state legislatures do the same to their states’ unconstitutional agencies) and bureaucrats who think they have the right to supersede citizens’ rights and choices.

  • Frustratedofitall says:

    It most likely will not pass the Senate. But on the other hand, this has me giggling, Pete has done absolutely nothing to deserve even $1 for his work not done. Hopefully, this is goodbye and fly away.

  • Chris says:

    The DOT is just another of the many “departments ” that should be abolished.

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