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Almost Entire Population of US State Become Victims in Massive Data Breach

At least 1.3 million residents in Maine were impacted by a government data breach earlier this year, The Hill reported.

A massive cyberattack in May affected the MOVEit file transfer system, a software program used by many government agencies at the state and federal levels, releasing the names, dates of birth, social security numbers and government IDs of potentially all 1.38 million residents in the state, according to The Hill. The attack was initiated by a Russian ransomware group, and eventually impacted at least 70 million people globally.

“Since the onset of the incident, the cybercriminals involved claimed their primary targets were businesses, with a promise to erase data from certain entities, including governments,” the Maine government wrote in a press release. “Despite their assertions that any data obtained from governments has been erased, the State is urging individuals to take steps to protect their personal information.”

Most of the state’s government agencies were spared from the attack, but over 50% of the Maine Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) and between 10% and 30% of the Department of Education (MDOE) was impacted by the data breach, according to the Maine government’s website.

The state announced that it will provide two years of complimentary credit monitoring and identity theft protection to the individuals whose social security numbers had been stolen.

Since the data breach occurred, Maine has engaged an “outside legal counsel,” blocked internet access to and from the MOVEit software as soon as the state was aware of the breach, hired “cybersecurity professionals” and worked to identify every individual who was impacted by the breach, according to the press release.

  • Elmer Hemphill says:

    Dang computers will be the ruination of us all.

  • Tamirose170 says:

    Big whoop – – What penalties ever happened to those who broke into Equifax, Transunion or Experian? Gee, how did the Democrats get all of those names, addresses and information of 147 Million Americans to pre-print duplicate Election ballots for 2020 and ship them on pallets back to the USA? Worker bees were uploading videos throughout 2020, showing us on these massive printing machines (100x larger than any commercial printer I’d ever seen) – – They showed the pallets of different State Ballots, how some had the circles already filled in for Joe, etc. There was Evidence of Election Fraud before the Election – – It explains what the Truck Driver who’s Trailer was stolen – – He did his daily run between PA – NY and back to PA with a GPS tracker on him for years and then POOF his entire day was polar opposite of any other, parked his trailer after every one refused to sign off on the mandatory standard paperwork for the day – woke up the next AM and his trailer was gone – voila – so was the GPS tracker – – It explains WHAT was loaded into his trailer and why this guy was hauling Ballots across State Lines. The 3 Credit Bureau’s already gave away all of our Vital & Private Information a few years back – No one was Punished = apparently not a big deal unless it happens to our Wealthy, our Elected, Congress & Forbes/Fortune 500 Folks….. we don’t count……But I’d be checking the Maine ballots REAL close in 2024.

    • Cheryl L Nelson says:

      Tired of all this crap, vote in person, ID, only Americans count by hand with a number of people present and FJB!!!

  • Tom Horrigan says:

    The breach is real, a friend in MA had her BC/BS account breached.

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