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Alex Jones Responds to $45 Million Sandy Hook Verdict

Alex Jones immediately took to the airwaves after the verdict in his defamation trial on Friday – which will see him be forced to pay nearly $50million in damages to the family of slain six-year-old Jesse Lewis.

Lewis was among the 20 children who were shot dead by crazed gunman Adam Lanza at Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, in December 2012. Another six people were killed in the massacre.

For years Jones claimed on his InfoWars platform that the shooting in Newton was a ‘false flag’ operation perpetrated by the US government to further gun control.

In his Friday broadcast, Jones claimed the trial against him was ‘coordinated and run’ by billionaire philanthropist George Soros and ‘operatives.’ He did not identify the other ‘operatives’ by name.

The host also accused Judge Maya Guerra Gamble of being a ‘blue-haired SJW’ and insinuated that she was corrupt by saying that she ‘altered the record of the trial.’ ‘SJW’ stands for Social Justice Warrior.

Jones alleged that Gamble turned off the livestream at certain points when his lawyer’s were speaking in attempt to discredit him.

Jones said: ‘This is beyond any kangaroo rigged court ever.’

He went on to say that the judge was ‘coordinating with the corporate media’ who were present in the courtroom covering the trial.

The host also took aim at Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis’ main lawyer, Mark Bankston, calling him an ‘ambulance chaser.’

Next in the firing line was forensic economist Bernard Pettingill, who on Friday testified that he believed Alex Jones’ net worth to be close to $270 million.

Pettingill testified on behalf of Lewis’ parents that Jones ‘promulgated some hate speech and some misinformation’ and ‘made a lot of money.’

Jones referred to ‘Pettingil’ as being ‘dandruff covered’ and that he looked as though he was wearing a wig. Jones also that Pettingill looked at him like ‘he wanted to kill’ him.

Speaking about his supposed Pettingil’s testimony, Jones said that his team were forbidden from calling a rebuttal expert and were only allowed to cross-examine.

He denied having a net worth anything close to what Pettingil alleged. Jones said that his net worth was less than $5 million.

  • Louis Galmarini says:

    I may not agree w/ everything Jones says, and truthfully haven’t listened to InfoWars since Sandy Hook. However, there is more than IRREFUTABLE, CREDIBLE evidence, including interviews w/ more than one ‘crisis actor’ who ALL stated the entire day was staged, that they were paid very well for their part, and that Sandy Hook WAS nothing more than a ‘false flag’ operation initiated, facilitated, and financed by the government to push for TOTAL gun control. Google Sandy Hook and read the FACTS.

  • Pamela Cohen says:

    There was some funky cover-up at the Coroner’s office, too. It had to do with controlling the media coverage, death certificates, viewing, parent visits, etc. and not allowing the light of day to settle on the kids claimed to be killed.
    We have seen so many false flags, nobody in their right mind trusts any Govt. agency or most media sources.



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