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After Being Fired from Fox News, Geraldo Announces He’s Going on ‘The View’

Geraldo Rivera will return to the airwaves this week after he was cut by Fox News at the end of June following a two-decade stint with the network.

The former resident liberal on “The Five” and “Hannity” will join the ladies of ABC’s “The View” on Thursday, he announced on Twitter.

Monday afternoon, Rivera tweeted, “Delighted to do @TheView Thursday. Wonder what they’ll ask me about.”

The 80-year-old’s announcement was not exactly a surprise to some of his followers — some of who commented he would be right at home on the notoriously far-left show.

Rivera’s final appearance on Fox News came on Friday, June 30.

Following a sendoff on “Fox & Friends,” he sat at the table on “The Five” later in the day for the last time.

Rivera’s exit from Fox News followed tension online, and reportedly behind the scenes, between him and network host Greg Gutfeld.

The former daytime talk show host roiled many Fox News viewers after he attacked former prime-time star Tucker Carlson online in the days after he was ousted by the network.

WARNING: The following tweet contains vulgar language that might offend some readers.

The tweet about Carlson’s ouster sparked a Twitter back-and-forth between him and Gutfeld.

A week later, he said his appearances on “The Five” had been “canceled.”

Rivera told the Associated Press on June 21 he was willing to voluntarily leave Fox News and said network executives had not fought hard to keep him.

He later posted an image of himself shirtless and said he was contemplating retirement.

“The View” returned to the air on Monday after a temporary hiatus, the show announced on Twitter.

The show’s hosts took off the entire week from July 3 to July 7.

  • Terri says:

    He will fit right in. The view only has and hires the worst of the worst! Jeraldo is a paid actor, he is not a credible news person…….. none of them are anymore. They are paid puppets of the liberals and Democrats

  • Tressa says:

    You won’t recognize him after a week on the view!
    With him having a mustache will be the only thing telling you that’s him!

  • John says:

    Yeah, the view deserves this creep. He should fit right in with the rest of the creeps. So, rather than “The View”, they can call it the “Creep Show”…. fits very well indeed….

  • Jericho says:

    this is where he has always belonged.

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