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‘Absolutely Revolting’: Footage of Sexually Explicit Drag Show for Babies, Toddlers Goes Viral

Footage of children attending drag shows is becoming commonplace, but that doesn’t make the latest such video making the rounds any less shocking.

The footage currently causing an uproar reportedly comes from Cabababarave, a U.K.-based organization that promotes drag events for children under 5. Multiple Twitter users posted videos and photos from an event that shows drag performers in thongs performing sexually suggestive dances in front of toddlers and babies.

In one video, a performer wearing leather bondage gear does an act while suspended from ropes attached to the ceiling.

The event looks well-attended with parents and their toddlers. There are also images of a mostly naked performer holding a young girl during a performance.

In the wake of these clips going viral, Cabababarave made its Instagram and Facebook accounts private. While many upcoming events appear to be canceled, at least one sold-out performance scheduled for March 11 at The Flair Ground in London is still active. The page has the event tagged as “cabaret drag & burlesque” and “family friendly.”

“CABABABARAVE is an exciting new event for parents and their babies!” the description reads. “A little slice of afternoon delight that provides show-stopping cabaret interspersed with captivating baby sensory moments.. ending in a RAVE.”

It goes on to say the event is hosted by Lizzie and Gemma, who are described as “two performers turned mums who were constantly looking to be entertained whilst holding a baby in one hand and a pint in the other.”

“We wanted to create the type of event we ourselves as Mums would want to go to. There’s only so many times you can listen to the f***ing Wheels on the Bus. We wanted to give parents the experience of a ‘big London night out’.. cabaret, drinks and dancing.. but one you can bring your baby to and still be home for bedtime,” the description reads.

Twitter users expressed their disgust at such a sexually explicit event being advertised for babies and toddlers.

“The parents that take their children to events like this should lose custody of their children, and the companies and people that put them on should be locked up. Absolutely revolting,” Gays Against Groomers wrote.

“Pedophiles are grooming your children,” podcaster Tim Pool agreed.

Daily Wire host Matt Walsh used the footage as a call to action. “Now they’re bringing out drag queens in thongs to perform for toddlers,” he wrote in response to the photos and video. “These people will just keep getting more brazen until we put a stop to this.”

  • Bobbo says:

    I find these shows disgusting!! Perhaps the readers and commenters should try and read the article again. This show was in England, not the United States!! Even so, the parents should be dealt with harshly. As much as I would like to blame this on Biden, he had nothing to do with this!

  • Michael says:

    This is just despicable in and of itself made even worse by the self-serving , virtue signaling parents that make their children go to this nonsense . They are just confusing and indoctrinating their children for their own self serving , virtue signaling , wokeness . The woke have no sense of shame as long as they can check a woke box .



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