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ABC News Reveals She Developed Heart Condition Due to Covid Vaccine

A reporter for ABC News Australia has broken her silence after suffering a heart condition following receiving the COVID vaccination.

Eleni Roussos, a journalist in the Darwin ABC newsroom and also the presenter of ABC’s flagship 7 PM News in the Northern Territory, revealed that she developed pericarditis after receiving her first dose of Pfizer Covid vaccine, describing it as “a living hell.”

Koulla Roussos, Eleni’s sister, posted on Facebook last year to explain that Eleni had been hospitalized and diagnosed with pericarditis (inflammation of the outer lining of the heart) and hence was unable to attend the NT Media awards ceremony.

Eleni Roussos said that former AMA President Kerryn Phelps’ decision to go public with her own personal suffering had encouraged her to do the same.

“Inspired by ⁦[Dr. Kerryn Phelps] today I want to say I too have been in a living hell with pericarditis because of the Covid vaccine,” Roussos wrote on her Twitter account.

“Vaccine injuries are real and serious and I sincerely hope more people will speak up,” she continued.

Dr. Phelps responded to Roussos’ tweet, “I hoped my submission to the parliamentary inquiry would spark the conversations we need to have about long covid and vaccine injury. I hope we can find answers leading to recovery for you and others.”

The Gateway Pundit previously reported former Australian Medical Association President Dr. Kerryn Phelps has finally broken her silence about the “devastating” side effects she and her wife experienced after receiving the Covid vaccine. She criticized regulators for their attempts to control the public by threatening the doctors.

Professor Kerryn Phelps was an outspoken advocate of mass Covid vaccinations for both adults and kids.

She said the true number of adverse events is much greater than reported, citing underreporting and “threats” from medical authorities.

She pleaded for an Australian parliamentary committee to examine dangers of the mRNA vaccines on Monday. Their risks go far beyond their known dangers of myocarditis, and both she and her wife personally suffered long-term side effects following their Pfizer jabs, she said.

  • Mary Keller Zacks says:

    Deepest sympathies to those that trusted in the media, pharma , and Uncle Sam and dealing with life long consequences.
    Charges of crimes against humanity need to be charged to Dr Fauci, CDC, Phizer, Moderna Etc ALL THOSE THAT CONTINUE TO INFLICT FEAR AND FALSEHOODS.
    So many Drs speaking the truth were/ are silinced and maiigned.
    Ivermectin could of saved so many but GREED meant more to those in power than lives.

  • Leapingcrane says:

    This couldn’t have happened to a more deserving couple, and its good to see that Karma is still the Bitch it’s always been!!!
    Hope you both enjoy every moment of your time knowing you yourself faught to give that death serum to so many others only to reap the rewards you SO, rightfully Deserve!!!
    I believe the only More deserving people who are on this planet is Bill Gates and his family!!! But I Guarantee you he and all his relatives, except the ones he hates never got the death serum he was responsible for having created! But, Karma has a way of even catching up to the rich, and as such there’s still hope that Ol Billy May one day ingest his own death serum, that’s the thing with Karma, it never is far away especially from SCUMBAGS like Billy!!!!!

  • dave says:

    It is NOT a vaccine! It’s an experimental DNA changing, SPIKE PROTEIN poison going into your BLOOD creating rubber band like strings up to 3 feet long! See ‘DIED SUDDENLY” video before it’s removed entirely by Google. The WEF and Bill Gates Foundation are pleased they achieved some “reduction in the global population” by killing MILLIONS of people! Good Job Sheep!



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