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ABC News Executive Producer Dies ‘Suddenly’ of Heart Attack

Dax Tejera, the executive producer of ABC’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” died suddenly Friday at the age of 37.

ABC News President Kim Goodwin announced “with a heavy heart and great sadness” that Tejera died of a heart attack on Friday night, according to a memo she sent to company staff obtained by Mediaite.

He is survived by his wife Veronica and their two young daughters. Goodwin said in the memo she would be sharing more information in the coming days.

Tejera joined ABC News in 2017 as a senior producer before being promoted to the executive producer of Stephanopoulos’ show in February 2020, his Linkedin profile states.

He previously worked for five years at NBC as a researcher, editor and then producer and for four years as an executive producer on “America with Jorge Ramos” on Fusion Media Network.

He graduated from Dartmouth with a bachelor’s in history before attending Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism.

Fellow colleagues took to social media to mourn Tejera’s sudden passing and pay tribute to the beloved newsman.

“Sad day for abc. A good friend and groundbreaking ABC executive passes unexpectedly at 37. Dax Tejera i only have good thoughts my friend,” tweeted ABC News Senior National Correspondent Jim Avila.

“Absolutely tragic for ABC and the news industry,” former CNN chief media correspondent Brian Stelter tweeted.

“Your smile. Your laugh. Your dedication. Your profound love of Veronica and your beautiful daughters. Your pride in your work. The way you looked out for the next generation and fought to pave the way for Latinos coming up. The way you broke barriers yourself,” ABC White House Correspondent Cecilia Vega wrote in an Instagram post.

“Dax Tejera, you are gone too soon. We will miss everything about you.”

CNN host S.E. Cupp also joined the tribures, tweeting: “The worst kind of news. Heartbreaking to lose friend and colleague @DaxTejera, one of the kindest and brightest lights.”

  • Tyranny Spotter says:

    There is only one thing that is a commonality among almost everyone of these deaths, which is myocarditis, a condition that has only shown up in the past year at a rate that has never been seen before. Why? Well, it doesn’t take a narcissistic doctor to lie about the obvious. The government, corporations and the media are all complicit in every one of these deaths for pushing and mandating unproven drugs to be forced on the general public. All there is to do now if you’ve had the jab, and the farcical boosters is to get your affairs in order. You rolled the dice trusting the corrupt institutions, but for many, with more to come, it’s coming up craps! If you wanted to follow the science, you should have waited until all the science was presented and now you may have to pay a hefty price. Some will refuse to admit to any of this, and will probably be buried with their mask on their face…you can never be too careful…right?

  • Asha says:

    Thousands more coming in 2023

  • Linda says:

    sorry to hear about another young person dying of heart problems BUT HELLO MEDIA AND GOVERNMENT – WE ALL KNOW IT’S FROM THE CLOT SHOT. YOU’RE NOT FOOLING ANYONE BY NOT MENTIONING IT. So many have died young for ridiculous reasons in the past 2 years, we’d have to be the brain dead country you in the government think we are to not be able to put the two things together! BAN THE SHOT!!!


    Took the death jab I’m sure. Well at least most of the people that were forced to take the jab were in fact liberals.
    Still its tragic for his family



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