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A Georgia Grand Juror Dropped a Damaging Revelation About the 2020 Investigation

The Georgia grand jury investigation of alleged election interference in 2020 has recommended numerous individuals to be indicted, though they won’t share their names.

They promise there won’t be any surprises, whatever that means. I’ll level with all of you: I’m exhausted from 2020 and even more fatigued from the endless investigations into Donald Trump.

First, we know they’re not going anywhere. Trump was pitted against institutions with near-unlimited resources and an army of attorneys who thirsted to destroy him.

They all failed, and if Trump’s name were on this list—that would’ve been leaked, especially with this woman spilling the beans.

A grand jury member, Emily Kohrs was on MSNBC, where she probably said things she shouldn’t. Also, she came off as wholly unhinged. To complicate matters, the prosecutors reportedly were having ice cream parties with members of the grand jury. The Kohrs media blitz was so bad that even liberal attorneys admit that her television moments probably have local Georgia prosecutors stricken with heartburn. Political animus seemed to ooze from every member, giving the impression that this investigation was a political hatchet job. We all could have assumed that was the case, but Ms. Kohrs made exposing it easier. Former U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade penned an op-ed about this bizarre string of events, specifically how everyone should keep their mouths shut regarding these investigations [emphasis mine]:

On Tuesday, Emily Kohrs, the foreperson of the special grand jury in Fulton County, went on a media tour of sorts, giving interviews to NBC News, The New York Times, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and other news outlets, and she is apparently enjoying her moment in the spotlight. She revealed the names of witnesses who testified; Rudy Giuliani left her star-struck; Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., was “personable”; former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows “shared very little.” She told us that some witnesses were immunized. She confirmed that the jurors had listened to a recording of former President Donald Trump’s phone call with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and had discussed the slate of alternate electors. Although she did not reveal the names of any of the people the grand jury recommended indictments for, when she was asked whether Trump was one of them, she replied: “You’re not going to be shocked. It’s not rocket science.” Yikes.

Even more alarming were some of the things Kohrs said about her own experience. She said she swore in one witness while holding a Ninja Turtle ice pop she had received at the district attorney’s office ice cream party. A what?! Why on Earth would grand jurors be socializing with the prosecutors? A grand jury is an independent body, and prosecutors are trained to maintain a professional distance and avoid engaging in interactions that could be perceived as influencing their decisions.

Kohrs also revealed some other concerning facts. She reported that when witnesses invoked their Fifth Amendment right to refrain from answering questions on the basis that their answers might incriminate them, she could hear all of the other grand jurors writing furiously. This could indicate that jurors were improperly holding the assertion of a constitutional right against witnesses. She said another member of the grand jury brought a newspaper into the room every day and pointed out stories about their investigation, though she herself avoided news coverage to maintain an open mind.

I can only imagine the skyrocketing blood pressure of District Attorney Fani Willis, who, unlike the special grand jury, actually has the power to bring indictments and who has said her decision is “imminent.” A blabbing grand jury threatens to upend the whole enterprise.


When I served as a federal prosecutor, everyone understood the rules. The grand jurors, like the prosecutor and the court reporter, were sworn to secrecy. Rule 6(e) of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure says they “must not disclose a matter occurring before a grand jury.” That language includes not only the decisions of the grand jury but also the identities of the witnesses who appear, the cases under consideration, the documents and other items produced as exhibits, the subjects of subpoenas and anything that occurs in the grand jury room. All of it is transcribed so a record exists for later scrutiny, without the need for grand jurors to report on what happened. While witnesses are not bound by the grand jury secrecy rules, grand jurors most definitely are.

So, how the hell did this lady get on television, and why did no one rein her in when she obviously has put this political clown show at risk—not that I’m complaining? Liberal self-sabotage is pure entertainment. Is it that liberals are crazy or that the ones who get all the attention happen to be damaged goods? Who knows—but Kohrs’ disturbing recollection of this kangaroo court only reinforces that the Left is operating in a post-constitutional mindset, where legal entities and police agencies act on political bias than enforcing the law. Just ask Donald Trump about that, especially last August.

Then again, Mr. Miller makes a good point, Ms. McQuade:

  • A.L. Phillips says:

    I worked with juries for 35 years as a Court Reporter and after I retired as a jury foreman. What she did is illegal and she needs to be fired. She’s off her rocker and what is wrong with the people in Georgia that are responsible for this “jury”. It’s been compromised!!



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