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850 More NYC Teachers Fired for Not Complying with Covid Vaccine Mandate

850 more unvaccinated teachers and aides were fired for failing to comply with New York City’s COVID vaccine mandate for schools.

This brings the number of NYC Department of Education staffers terminated to around 1,950 since the mandate went into effect on Oct. 29, 2021.

New York Post reported:

The city Department of Education has axed another 850 teachers and classroom aides — bringing the total to nearly 2,000 school employees fired for failure to comply with a vaccine mandate increasingly struck down in court.

About 1,300 DOE employees who took a year’s unpaid leave — with benefits — agreed to show proof of COVID vaccination by Sept. 5 or be “deemed to have voluntarily resigned.”

Of those staffers, 450 got a shot by the deadline and “are returning to their prior schools or work locations,” DOE officials told The Post. They include some 225 teachers and 135 paraprofessionals.

Councilman Joe Borelli (R-South Shore) blasted the mandate and called the situation “absurd.”

He also called for it to be rescinded.

SI LIVE reported:

The new school year is in full swing, and while some coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions were eased for students and staff members in New York City public schools, some vaccine mandates remain in place — a situation that Councilman Joe Borelli (R-South Shore) calls “absurd.”

Borelli, who is part of the Common Sense Caucus in the City Council, explained that the group met with Mayor Eric Adams and city Health Commissioner Dr. Ashwin Vasan last week to discuss easing coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine mandates for public and private employees, which includes teachers and school staff, and allow all vaccinated and unvaccinated students to participate in sports and after-school activities. The caucus also asked for an end to a vaccine mandate for all visitors — including parents — to school buildings.

“We confronted the mayor and the health commissioner on the need to rescind these mandates that no longer have any basis in public health rationale,” said Borelli.

Tyrannical COVID mandates continue to hurt everyday Americans.

  • Russellgator90 says:

    There are plenty of states in the South that need teachers and aides. If they are refusing the jab, we welcome them to move to The Sunshine State. Governor DeSantis should offer to move qualified teachers down here. Where are all the libs with the argument that it’s my body I can do whatever I want to do with it? Logic goes out the window, if it doesn’t support their twisted views.

  • Grace Bruno says:

    The CDC stated Covid should be considered a flu. This is one flu virus that will last 25 years. It should go in the book of Ripleys Believe it or not.

  • Okie Woman says:

    1st and foremost let’s get real. The EXPERIMENTAL shots are NOT vaccines and there should be ZERO mandates. Do you people not get it? This is NOTHING less than genocide! They (the Demonrats) are intentionally killing their own people and for what? PROFIT! PERIOD! And, the fewer people they have the better off THEY will be! Guess what though? NONE of them have actually gotten the poison jabs, they have all treated with IVERMECTIN! Rules for me but certainly NOT for thee! Shameful!

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