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73% of College Democrats Don’t Want Biden to Run for President in 2024

Almost three-quarters of college Democratic voters say they do not believe that President Joe Biden should run for re-election in 2024.

An NBC/Generation Lab poll of incoming second-year students offered more bad news for the president, who has seen his fortunes improve slightly in recent weeks amid legislative wins and lower gas prices.

But questions remain about whether the 79-year-old is the best person to run in two years time.

The poll of 1077 students found that 73 percent of Democrats believed he should not run again, while only 27 percent thought he should be on the ticket again.

He fares less well than former President Donald Trump. Some 57 percent of second-year college Republican voters say he should run, while only 43 percent say he should stay out of the race.

The should-he/shouldn’t-he debate began almost as soon as Biden won the 2020 election.

If he runs again and wins he would be sworn in at the age of 82, leading to constant speculation that he might step aside for a younger generation of Democratic leader.

That speculation only took on greater power as his administration stumbled through crisis after crisis, from the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan to record high gas prices through this past summer.

The result was a growing sense that November’s midterm elections would result in a wipeout.

  • Dave says:

    It is realy sad to think that 27% of second year students are that stupid to want him to run again. That is more like second grade thinking.

    • Roberto says:

      Biden is eliminating $10k from their student loans or debt. He is buying their votes. They are to dumb to realize what Biden is doing. Then again $10k is alot off of anyone’s debt.
      When all their rights are taken away is when they’ll realized their second mistake.

  • DP says:

    Watch for The Steal II. These unscrupulous brigands will stop at nothing to END Republicanism and in turn, freedom. Stay sharp, America.

  • KIRK KELLY says:

    Why not it was their irresponsible voting that made the theft of our election possible!

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