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6-Week-Old Baby Is Mauled to Death by His Parents’ Pet Husky Dog

A six-week-old boy has been mauled to death by the beloved family dog as he slept in his crib inside their home.

Ezra Mansoor died on Thursday afternoon after six days fighting for life in hospital with brain swelling and bleeding inside his skull.

His parents Mark, 28, and Chloe Mansoor, 25, from Knoxville, Tennessee, welcomed their first child on April 14 and wanted nothing more than to be parents.

They never dreamed the placid, well-behaved husky they owned for the past eight years would attack their baby boy ‘out of nowhere’.

The dog had been Mark’s constant companion since he was a teenager and never showed any sign of aggression.

He called the dog ‘the light of my heart’ in a photo of him with a beaming smile holding the beloved pet.

‘You all must come to visit!! Bring Leon and Mena, please,’ a relative wrote next to the photo shared online. The couple have two dogs.

Mark and Chloe married in 2022 and threw a baby shower with family where gifts were piled high in the living room next to huge blocks spelling ‘baby.’

They posed next to a sign reading ‘we can bearly wait to meet you’ with a picture of a teddy bear they bought for Ezra.

‘Being his mom was the biggest honor and the best thing I’ve ever done,’ Chloe told local news stations outside East Tennessee Children’s Hospital.

She warned other parents that ‘it could be any dog at any time. Completely unprovoked, no matter what the history is.’

Ezra’s organs will be donated to help save other infants.

The dog is being held at Young-Williams Animal Center under a 10-day bite quarantine, as required by state law.

What will happen to it afterward is unknown.

The Knox County Sheriff’s Office is investigating Ezra’s death.

  • LB says:

    I can almost guarantee the dog has something wrong with it like cancer or some other medical illness to do that to the baby if it was so docile. It happened between my two German Shepherd females because one was sick and we didn’t know it. She had cancer. So sad for that family. But that dog would never be allowed in my house ever again it needs to be put down.

  • vickie says:

    I GET so tired of people trying to make like different animals are ….LIKE HUMANS…..they arent…they are ANIMALS…..when a human is called an animal….what does that mean…acting like an animal…what does that mean….it means just that…animals are not really responsible for their actions like we are…some or all dont have a concious….THAT DOG WAS JEALOUS of the new baby .it was getting the attention he once got…..THERE IS NO MISTAKE THAT THIS DOG SHOULD BE PUT DOWN…..AND DOWN DOWN DOWN…

  • Anybody but a Democrap for President says:

    From past experience, our medium sized Schnauzer who had been with us since a puppy did not like our newborn daughter. Our dog was around 10 years old when she was born, and when we brought our new little one home, our dog growled at the first sniff. At that moment, we knew to NEVER let our infant be left alone with that dog. I am so sad those parent didn’t get the warning we received…if they had only read up on the many cases of dogs being jealous and killing newborns, they may have avoided this awful outcome.



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