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6 Suspects Ages 11 Through 14 Arrested After Brutal Beating of Woman on Philly Street That Left Her Unconscious

Six suspects between the ages of 11 and 14 are now in custody in connection with the brutal beating of a woman on a Philadelphia street that left the victim unconscious late last month, police told WPVI-TV.

Police told the station five of the six suspects in custody surrendered, while the sixth suspect — a 14-year-old female — was arrested at her home. There are eight suspects total.

Investigators added to WPVI that there’s a warrant for another 14-year-old female and authorities are still working to identify a juvenile male suspect.

The department said several people in a group assaulted a 33-year-old woman at 15th and Chestnut Streets just after 7 p.m. Feb. 23.

Police said the attackers knocked the woman to the ground and continued to punch and stomp her until she was unconscious. Police are calling it an aggravated assault.

A portion of the attack was captured on surveillance video, and images of all eight suspects also were captured:

Police said the victim suffered injuries to her head, face, and body; she was transported to Jefferson Hospital for her injuries.

Police noted that seven of the eight suspects are now identified and asked for the public’s help in identifying the eighth suspect:

Police added that if you see a suspect, contact 911 immediately instead of physically approaching.

To submit a tip via telephone, dial or text 215-686-TIPS (8477), police said, adding that all tips will be confidential. You also can use this electronic form to submit a tip anonymously, police said. If you have any information about this crime or these suspects, contact Det. R. Williams (DC 23-09-006668) at 215-686-3093/3094.

Victim speaks out

The victim of the attack spoke to WPVI but didn’t want to give her name or show her face; she told the station that while nothing tangible was stolen from her, her peace of mind was taken away.

“For eight kids to completely just take away any sort of comfort that I feel walking down the street, it just makes me sick,” she told the station.

She added to WPVI that “it was, like, not even fully dark yet” and “tons of people” were in the area when the attack happened — but those people “just kept walking, like nobody stopped until I was, I guess, unconscious, which I don’t remember.”

The woman gave the station a warning for others: “I just want everyone to be really cautious, like walking around, which shouldn’t happen. It shouldn’t have to be like that.”

She also had a message for her attackers, WPVI said: “This doesn’t have to be your life. I’m completely about second chances, but that shouldn’t be something that you feel okay doing and high-fiving your friends afterward. You can change, and you can do something good, but it doesn’t have to be like this.”

The victim’s father, William Corse — a longtime doctor in suburban Philadelphia — told WTXF-TV “someone tapped her on the shoulder, she turned around, and they smacked her on the head, she went down, and her head was stomped on.” Corse told WTXF his daughter suffered a broken orbital bone and widespread bruising and required stitches.

“This is not the behavior of a normal juvenile delinquent,” Dr. Corse added to WTXF. “I don’t know if they enjoyed the violence, but this behavior is just subhuman.”

  • david L dempsey says:

    How about “attempted murder”?

  • SYSTEMIC RACISM!!!!! says:

    WHERE IS THE MEDIA OUTRAGE?!?!?! WHERE IS THE LIBERAL OUTRAGE?!?!?! WHERE ARE biden, obama, harris, piglosi, schumer, aoc, sharpton (if he’s still alive), booker, tlaib, jeffries, etc., etc., etc.?!?!?! THE NAACP?!?!?! THE ADL?!?!?! THE SPLC?!?!?! THE FBI?!?!?! CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES?!?!?!

    For some UNKNOWN reason, they are not bothered!!!!!!!!!!! WTFU folks. It ain’t gonna get better.

  • SYSTEMIC RACISM!!!!! says:

    Mathematics question:

    What does one white victim plus many black suspects equal?


    (NO prosecution, NO media outrage, NO political condemnation, NO democrat support for the victim, NO Presidential statements, NO global awareness)

    In other words, NOTHING!!!

  • Vernon Messer says:

    “Police said the attackers knocked the woman to the ground and continued to punch and stomp her until she was unconscious. Police are calling it an aggravated assault.” “Aggravated assault”? Bull$hit. If this had been a Black woman attacked by 7 or 8 White kids, the automatic accusation would be HATE CRIME!! The White woman’s (victim) father is a doctor and he said these kids were subhuman. I have a nother term that also applies – Feral. They are feral because they are born by mothers who are lifetime beneficiaries of welfare & food stamps with multiple sex partners, and these feral animals do not know what a father is. They also do not know what civilized behavior is. There should be no “second chances” for human leaf litter like this.

  • Loring says:

    Just wondering out loud. What the race of the victim was? You say “that’s not relevant”. And I would agree with that. But had it been white kids beating up a person of color, it would be national headlines. Then people would come in from around the country to tear the town up. Just sayin.

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