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50-Year-Old Trans Male ‘Breastfeeds’ Grandchild Using Experimental Hormone Drugs

A 50-year-old biological man has reportedly managed to “breastfeed” his grandchild using experimental hormones.

According to research conducted by Duke University, the unidentified individual produced 30ml of milk per feeding session following a four week course of hormone treatment.

Mail Online reports that the researchers, who published their findings in the journal Breastfeeding Medicine, said the patient had expressed their “unique desire” back a few years ago:

The patient first expressed the unique desire to breastfeed her expected grandchild at an appointment with her endocrinologist in the spring of 2022. She disclosed that this was a last-minute idea that came to her very close to her daughter’s due date. At five weeks after initiating treatment changes for lactation induction, she reverted to her previous medication regimen.

She states that she stopped pursuing her personal goal to breastfeed due to logistical barriers, such as the need to take care of her grandchild while her daughter was pumping. Her primary motivation for inducing lactation was to experience the bond from breastfeeding that she had not been able to experience with her own five children.

The transgender woman described it as an emotional experience that helped her forge a “special bond” with her grandchild:

The patient tearfully reported this was a significant and emotional experience for her that felt very different from formula feeding her other children. She states she has a special bond with this baby for which she is grateful. She regrets that she had not known about the possibility sooner and wished that other transgender women could know that breastfeeding a baby can be a reality.

She reported unforeseen benefits, including female gender affirmation and full breast maturation. The patient did not experience any side effects from her treatment regimen.

Meanwhile, the study’s authors concluded that the findings are promising for transgender women who may wish to provide milk to someone else’s child.

“This report offers a new effective hormone regimen for transgender patients who wish to lactate and cannot access domperidone-the galactagogue used in previous case reports,” they noted.

“It also provides a review of previously published case reports on this subject,” it continued. “Future research in this field should prioritize cohort studies of transgender patients who desire lactation to further assess patient attitudes, experiences, and outcomes.

  • Sherri Hostuttler says:

    can you image all the crap that is in that “milk”???? that child will grow a tail soon! I got to say, rally sick family mother and grand pop

  • Nancy says:

    This is not only sick and disgusting, but when this pedo is taking hormones to breast feed his granddaughter he is pumping toxic chemicals into her. These sick transgenders only think of themselves and never consider how their action could hurt others. Our society continues to sink into a disgusting cesspool with people like this transgender man. He wants to be called grandfather, but he is nothing but a sicko. Someone should call Child Services on not only him but his daughter for allowing this to happen.



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