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35-Year-Old School Teacher Drops Dead in Front of His Class After Suffering from Heart Attack

A middle school coach and teacher at Devine Independent School District died suddenly of a heart attack after collapsing in front of his students early in January.

Jacob Sanchez, age 35, of Bigfoot, Texas died on Thursday, January 5, 2023.

According to reports, Sanchez suddenly collapsed at the start of class.

He was promptly given CPR by the staff members, but unfortunately, they were unable to save him.

“Parents we are in a medical hold at this time. All students are safe. All ms school games have been cancelled for today,” Devine ISD wrote on its social media.

According to the Bexar County Medical Examiner’s Office, Sanchez died of a heart attack.

School principal Kandi Darnell was with him minutes before he collapsed, as reported by KSAT.

“He seemed fine and everything seemed fine,” she said.

“We lost a friend, colleague, and just a good man today,” Darnell wrote.

“Jacob was the kind of person who would do anything to help out others. He was a kids’ teacher. He worked hard to connect with all of our kids not just our athletes. Our kids are going to have a tough time, but our DMS family will be there to help our kids as well as each other. On a personal level I feel as if I’ve lost a son. I’ve known Jacob since he was little. He and my son were in the same class. I taught Jacob. As a principal I counted on Jacob to help with some of our tougher customers. I would get him to talk to them. He was always willing to help. He was one of the first ones to volunteer to chaperone dances, field trips etc… He would do anything for the kids. There will be a big void in our hearts. Pray for his family, our kids, and our community. RIP Jacob,” she concluded.

Sanchez’s wife, Rebecca Powe, issued a statement following the passing of his husband.

“My honey was the light of our lives. He kept our family on our toes, constantly going, and always laughing. We shared a beautiful life together He loved us with his whole heart and loved his life. He was dedicated to the community of Devine and the kids were his motivation every day.”

Devine Intermediate School issued this statement, “Devine Intermediate School would like to extend our thoughts and prayers to the Sanchez family. Our hearts are with all of the Devine community.”

According to Sanchez’s obituary, he landed teaching and coaching at Devine ISD in 2016. He taught sixth and eighth-grade Science, and coached football, basketball and track, for the last seven years.

Vaccination Status: Fully Vaccinated

According to his social media account, Jacob Sanchez received his first dose of Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine on December 2020 and second dose on January 2021.

“We’ve done our part,” he wrote.

  • He is Pfizer again They were allowed to hide what was happening to young men in Europe They rolled out their poison and they had a ratio of 2 to 1 That was 2 deaths to 1 live victim Why won’t Pfizer allow an independent Lab check out what is really in this garbage called a vaccine Well I guess you could call it a vaccine of some sort a vaccine for good health For some of the victims have found out the hardest way possible This shows what scum Pfizer really is They could care less about anything but profits These fucking low life cocksuckers have the gall to advertise their fucking poison on tv like they are our savior when they are in fact a snake in the grass Their refusals first the paperwork they wanted hidden for 80 years why Is it supposed to be hidden like the Kennedy assassinations These Pfizer people should have to pay for these deaths and guess what so should the FDA CDC NIH The question I would have first is why these agencies were not mandated to receive the vaccine There were large numbers at all of these agencies and if they approved it why didn’t they take it Why did people in these agencies receive checks in about 6.7 million dollars Why would you hand out money like this not to the agencies but to individuals Where does that happen Yes I would recommend to file law suits against these people Don’t do a class action the only one that wins are the attorney’s



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