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30-Year-Old Rugby Player Dies Suddenly – Leaving Family and Friends “Completely Shocked”

Ben Benn, a resident of Siddal, Halifax, West Yorkshire died suddenly on Monday morning, according to his mother. He was 30.

“As many of you already [know] about the sad passing of our beloved Ben Benn passed away on 22.08.2022,” an entry on his fundraising campaign read.

“It has completely shocked our family, friends, and people who had the honor of playing rugby with. He will be missed by so so many people.”

Ben was a huge rugby fan and had played for a host of local league and union teams including Huddersfield Giants and Bradford Bulls, Halifax Courier reported.

He had stopped playing for a while but had recently begun playing again for Halifax RUFC’s 1st XV Men.

There is no information available regarding the cause of his death, which has left his family and friends in complete shock.

More from Halifax Courier:

Ben’s mum Mandy Rathmell-Benn said she has been left “broken” by her son’s death.

She has been inundated with messages from people who knew and loved Ben.

“Everybody has said he always made everyone laugh,” she said. “He was so witty and funny.

“We went out for a meal on Friday in Sowerby Bridge and he just had everyone laughing.

“He was a brilliant dad. He and his son had such a close bond.

“I didn’t realise how well-known he was but I’ve had so many messages, some from people I don’t know but who knew Ben.”

Ben, a former Park Lane High School pupil, had been playing rugby since he was a child.

His teams included Siddal ARLFC, Fax, Bradford Bulls and Huddersfield Giants.

After Ben’s passing, his former teammates honored him with tributes.

“Halifax Panthers are saddened to hear the news of the sudden death of former Fax academy player Ben Benn this morning. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family at this sad time,” Halifax Panthers wrote on Twitter.

“We are in shock to hear the devastating news that one of our own Ben Benn passed away this morning. RIP Ben, deepest condolences to all his family at this sad time from us all at Siddal ARLFC,” Siddal RL wrote on their Facebook page.

  • mary says:

    I bet clot shot.

  • Ellie says:

    Fifty bucks says he took the clot shot.

  • Biden's Pox Doctor. says:

    Another Unknown cause of death. This must really have the medicos scratching their heads. I wonder what it could be related to.

  • Billy Puertas says:

    Why doesn’t the mainstream media TV report this? Why don’t they say the cause of death?
    How many healthy young sporty men and women have suddenly died lately?
    How many unexpected deaths have occurred since March 2020? We all know the answers.

  • Phil Barberg says:

    He would have had to be vaxed to travel with his team. Recently in Canada fifteen middle age healthy doctors died within two weeks of being vaxed. I’m sure this is going to be just the tip of the iceberg. The vaccines are unsafe and do not prevent the virus. Many children and adults have died as a direct result of the vaccines. Many nurses are administering the vaccine incorrectly as well. The vaccine must never be injected into a blood vein. Nurses are not aspirating first (drawing back to test for blood before injecting). Injecting the vaccine into a blood vein will often kill a patient if not given immediate emergency care.



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