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3 Republicans Announce Opposition to Scalise for Speaker

Scalise won the nomination for Speaker in a closed door meeting Wednesday, receiving 113 votes. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) received 99 votes, and others voted present or for other candidates.

Three House Republicans said they would not vote for their party’s nominee for Speaker moments after the GOP conference nominated Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La., for the position.

Scalise’s total was inflated by non-voting delegates who are not permitted to vote on the House floor. He received only 110 of 221 eligible Republican votes, less than half.

Scalise now somehow must gain the support of an overwhelming number of those who did not back him.

Reps. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., Max Miller, R-Ohio, and Carlos Giménez, R-Fla., said they would not be casting their ballots in the floor Speaker vote for Scalise.

Boebert and Miller indicated they will vote for House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, when the vote occurs and Giménez said he will vote for former Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif.

With a slim majority in the House, Republicans need every vote they can to get Scalise across the finish line.

Two more defections would be sufficient to prevent him from winning the vote.

The speakership is open following an unprecedented motion to vacate that forced McCarthy out last week.

Eight Republicans voted with Democrats to remove him from leadership.

The leader of that group of Republicans, Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., has said he will vote for Scalise.

  • Don says:

    You disorganized bunch of fucking assholes! Stop playing egopuffing and stop giving the Shitocrats something to use against you. ORGANIZE, get a speaker and get something done. Are you deliberately trying to wipe the GOP out next year.
    People are totally disgusted with you and politics. Stop the damned game playing and represent your constituents!

  • See more says:

    Scalise just announced he his dropping out of race for speaker, so maybe the Republicans can come together to vote Jordan in. Please don’t make a circus out of this. We need ya all stick together and get some bills passed.

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