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2nd Journalist Dies Suddenly While Covering the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar

It has been reported that Al Kass TV photojournalist Khalid al-Misslam died suddenly on Saturday while covering the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar.

“Al Kass TV photojournalist Khalid al-Misslam passed away recently,” Qatari news media outlet Gulf Times reported.

“Al- Misslam, a Qatari, died suddenly while covering the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. We believe in Allah’s mercy and forgiveness for him, and send our deepest condolences to his family. We are all Allah’s and to Him we return,” the post concluded.

The cause of Khalid Al-Misslam’s death has not yet been revealed.

According to Express, Al Kass TV barely mentioned their photojournalist’s death on their live show, and it seems they are waiting for more information before issuing a statement.

Khalid al-Misslam is the second journalist to have died while covering the 2022 World Cup.

On Friday, longtime U.S. soccer journalist Grant Wahl died in Doha, Qatar on Friday while covering the World Cup for CBS Sports, his wife confirmed.

According to reports, the 48-year-old soccer analyst suddenly collapsed at Lusail Iconic Stadium while covering Argentina’s quarterfinal win over the Netherlands and was taken to a local hospital.

“I am so thankful for the support of my husband Grant Wahl’s soccer family & of so many friends who’ve reached out tonight,” his wife, Dr. Céline Gounder, who is also a CBS contributor.

“I’m in complete shock,” she continued.
The U.S. Soccer Team also released an official statement following the news of Wahl’s sudden death.

According to Wahl’s agent, Tim Scanlan, the journalist “appeared to have suffered some sort of acute distress in the press room” of the stadium during the quarterfinal match between Argentina and the Netherlands.

Rafa Cores of Hispanic Impre Media stated that he was just sitting next to Wahl when the incident happened.

“I’m in shock. I was sitting next to him tonight. He was working on his story on his laptop, it was about 4 minutes before the end of the extra time. He was laughing at a joke we saw on Twitter only minutes earlier. I can’t believe it. My deepest condolences to Grant Wahl’s family,” he wrote.

Qatari officials said in a statement that Wahl “received immediate medical treatment on site, which continued as he was transferred by ambulance to Hamad General Hospital.”

A cause of death has not been released publicly.

Wahl posted a photo in April showing he had already received his Covid vaccine.

Wahl also said he was boosted.

Wahl’s brother, Eric, claimed that his brother was killed.

“I’m gay. I’m the reason he wore the rainbow shirt to the World Cup,” Eric Wahl said in the post. “My brother was healthy. He told me he received death threats.”

  • Aocs mom says:

    Oh here we go… its because he and he is brother is gay and we’re a rainbow shirt… recieved deaththreats….has nothing to do with the 6 month expoxy resin he shot I’m his veins because he was afraid of the invisible covid boogy man. Yeah. He’s brother is a fag and they killed him for it.. mystery solved.. good job columbo

  • B says:

    And just like that-2 more were considered “useless eaters”- according to the WEF. I guarantee you non of those WEF/Globalist demons are double jabbed and boosted.

  • Sue s says:

    How much longer can these sudden deaths of “unknown causes” in otherwise healthy people continue before the government, pharma and medical people involved in this are prosecuted? I won’t hold my breath because these people have friends in all the right places protecting them.

  • Pizzaman7 says:

    A lot of people suddenly dying…. and doctors finding long rubber- like fibrous material in people’s arteries… blood clots ! No experimental gene therapy shots for me !



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