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27 Absentee Ballots Found In House Race Decided By 15 Votes

Twenty-seven absentee ballots were discovered in a New Hampshire House of Representative race that was decided by a mere 15 votes.

The Rockingham County state House District 6 race was initially “won” by Democrat Eric Turer who garnered 1,213 votes compared to Republican incumbent state Rep. Melissa Litchfield’s 1,198 votes.

However, after the secretary of state reviewed voting material regarding the race, an additional 27 uncounted absentee ballots were found.

Secretary of State David Scanlan went on record saying “Because these 27 ballots have the potential to change the outcome of this race, the Ballot Law Commission will be requested to order that these ballots be counted.”

Secretary of State Scanlan told the press, he discovered the 27 absentee ballots in a box that was sent to his office by the Brentwood election officials.

After looking further into the content of the box he noticed none of the absentee ballots were ever taken out of their envelopes which raised a red flag.

New Hampshire’s Ballot Law Commission will gather on November 28th to vote on whether or not the votes will be added to the race.

Currently, the GOP holds a slim majority over Democrats in the New Hampshire House 200-199.

  • Diana says:

    Well I’m sure that if those votes are counted the dems will still win and if they’re aren’t counted the dems will still win . This whole dems cheat to win elections is going to start trouble before 2024. Its no different then Arizona or Pennsylvania. So why bother . You can’t trust democrats to have a legal election .I just hope the next protest ends up being 100 million people instead of thousands.

  • Dorothy says:

    No one has any trust in our voting system anymore. Too many Democrats are cheating and fixing the elections so they win. It is obvious and rampant. Have to stop these people from running our country into the ground, and for what, Good old MONEY,

  • Jack Tripper says:

    As Rush Limbaugh would say, “Well shazaam, waddaya know, everytime an election is close, all of a sudden we “find” some missing ballots. And how much do you wanna bet they will be voting all for the Dem”.



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