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19 Illegal Immigrants Arrested After Human Smuggling Attempts

The Texas Department of Public Safety announced the apprehension of 19 illegal immigrants located in human smuggling attempts and a stash house near the Southern Border.

The DPS Criminal Investigations Division received assistance from the Texas Highway Patrol and U.S. Border Patrol to stop the immigrants in Webb County.

Three vehicles containing 15 illegal immigrants were pulled over shortly after 5 p.m. on Thursday.

Agents had noticed suspicious activity between two vehicles in a parking lot in Laredo.

One of the vehicles, a Chevrolet SUV, was stopped and agents located four illegal immigrants in the rear cargo area.

The second vehicle, a Dodge SUV, was stopped near a hotel. Seven illegal immigrants were found inside the vehicle.

A third vehicle was then seen leaving a suspected stash house, leading to a pursuit from DPS troopers. The vehicle was eventually stopped, and four illegal immigrants were found inside.

DPS CID agents who stayed in the stash house located four more illegal immigrants inside.

A total of 19 illegal immigrants from Mexico, El Salvador and Guatemala were apprehended in the four incidents. They have been referred to U.S. Border Patrol.

The drivers of the Chevrolet and Dodge vehicles, Merced Aguilar and Kilmar Alexander Garcia Portillo, were arrested for human smuggling.

  • Russell says:

    So, how about the OTHER millions????? Or, are you so proud of these few that you think you should brag a bit?

  • RHINO says:


  • USmisterT says:

    You mean illegal ALIEN. They are not IMMIGRANTS according to the USCIS. Please use the correct legal terminology.

  • John says:

    The three letter domestic communist terrorist agencies of the Democrat Communist Party of demons should start shooting and completely destroying all vehicles coming from Mexico riddling them with bullets and airstrikes , like they would do if a bunch of constitutional and freedom loving trump supporting illegal Mexicans are coming across our borders, time to wipe out Antichrist and most of them wear black robes and tin badges representing their Democrat communist agency of fascist, this is the real domestic terrorist of America, a constitutional Call to Arms from the Republican conservative party is in order after a year and a half attacks on our democracy, freedoms, Constitution, Bill of Rights, by fascist communist Satan worshiping Democrat Antichrist 3-lettered agencies corrupted under the Obama Muslim terrorist regime Era. Wake up cowards in America you will not be spared in the end when they’ve taken your rights and your free lives and they will control every aspect of your life, you’ll pay now or pay later time to pay for your freedom you enjoy your entire lives like our forefathers did in 1776 for our freedoms up until 2 years ago and even farther back with attacking our constitution with demonic satanic communist government implanted and indoctrinated fascist America hating politicians, who seek the total Destruction of Americans and America these are foreign communist domestic terrorist Invaders call them what they are

  • Flagrante Delicto says:

    When will this country start treating these uneducated, unskilled, economic burden on our sovereignty as a nation?



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