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17-Year-Old High School Football Player Dies in His Sleep

A senior football player at Rahway High School died in his sleep on Thursday morning, according to a statement posted to the team’s Twitter account.

“It is with great sadness, and a heavy heart, that we are sharing the unfortunate passing of Rahway Senior football player, Ali Muhamad,” the Rahway Football team wrote.

“Our hearts go out to the family during this tough time. You will forever be in our thoughts,” the post concluded.

Ali Muhammad, 17 years old, was found dead on Thursday morning by his father, Percy Lamont Brown, while he was trying to wake him up for school, according to There is still no information regarding his death.

“I am grieving, my son passed away, Ali Muhammad, gone way too soon,” Brown wrote on his Facebook account.

More from Yahoo News:

Head coach Brian Russo said the team wanted to play Friday’s 7 p.m. game at Lincoln High School in Jersey City.

“We obviously didn’t practice yesterday and we came back and we met for dinner last night,” Russo said early Friday afternoon. “We told them, obviously, if you feel uncomfortable playing the game we expect to cancel, but the kids really wanted to play.

“So we’ll go out there, we’re going to do our best and keep him in our hearts and prays. All our thoughts, especially as a staff, are with his family. We all have children and when you think about something like that, man, it’s just unconscionable.”

Russo didn’t have any additional details about Muhammad’s passing.

“All the players and the whole football family and the whole football community,” he said, “we’re all mourning now and our hearts and our thoughts are with his family.”

  • USCitizen says:

    I’m quite certain he died from taking the “life-saving” Covid vaccine!

  • John says:

    Fauci blab, Jab jab, the government takes away the life you had



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