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16-Year-Old Hockey Player Dies on Christmas Day After Suffering Multiple Strokes

A hockey player from St. Paul, Minnesota, died on Christmas Day after suffering multiple strokes in early December.

Cormick Scanlan, 16, died on Sunday night “peacefully” and “surrounded by family,” according to a post from the St. Paul Capitals Hockey Association.

“Our hockey community has lost a great young man. Cormick Scanlan passed away peacefully last night surrounded by family,” the post stated.

According to the post, Scanlan suffered a stroke on Dec. 6 due to a rare condition called moyamoya disease.

According to NIH, moyamoya disease, which means “puff of smoke” in Japanese, is a rare, progressive cerebrovascular disorder caused by blocked arteries at the base of the brain in an area called the basal ganglia.

“Cormick suffered a stroke on December 6th. Angiogram revealed that he had a rare condition called moyamoya disease. He had bypass surgery on Thursday the 15th to repair the left side carotid artery with blood vessels from his head. Sadly, he suffered additional strokes thereafter.”

Cormick played with the Capitals through last season. Our strength is with the Scanlans and all who loved Cormick.
Rest in peace,” the post concluded.

“We are deeply saddened by the loss of Mick, yet our faith makes us confident that he is in the loving arms of Jesus. As a community, we stand alongside his family and friends as we all mourn the loss of this bright young man who has impacted so many,” said Frank Miley, President.

“Cormick was a hardworking kid who was a fierce competitor and outstanding teammate. He led by example and modeled our Culture Creates Champions motto in everything he did. His impact was felt through our entire school community and he will be greatly missed,” said Matt Funk, Athletic Director.

The St. Pauls Capitals Hockey released a tribute to Scanlan. Read below:

The Capitals mourn the loss of Cormick Scanlan. Cormick was a Capitals player from his time as a mini-mite through his past two seasons on our Bantam AA team. He now plays for Cretin Derham Hall.

During his Peewee B1 year, Cormick’s signature move was the “choo choo”; which featured him using his size and speed to beat defenseman to the net. On his way past defenders, parents would shout, “choo choo” as Cormick charged past defenders towards the net. Cormick used this move in the winning goal to beat Edina 1-0 in the Eden Prairie tournament that season. His former coach, Jeff Wright commented recently, “If you needed a big goal, Cormick was your guy.”

Dane Erickson, Cormick’s Bantam AA coach, remembers Cormick as a player of great character, with a great attitude, who always worked hard and finished first in every race – on and off the ice. “I can still see him barreling down the ice, beating the defenseman wide, and driving the puck hard to the net.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with Heather, Joe, Sloane, Brynn, and Colin at this difficult time.



  • Mark says:

    How long will Americans be silent about this obvious deception and propose-full installation of Evil man made disease, used for the furthering of corrupt power, greed and Satanic operation?
    Thank you Jesus for your free gift of life for those who are not blinded from truth and await anxiously for your return so yours, not ours, perfect Justice while mercy on all of us whom you have exposed your truth too.
    I yearn no more for anything in this temporal world Lord but thank you for your blessings and ability to see what so many are blinded of. I pray for all who was l, where I was, if it were not for your mercy Lord. I am still not worthy of your grace but I will speak the truth even to persecution for confessing my sins and not denying you Lord. I am guilty and deserve death but, have hope for your mercy oh Lord. You are God, Lord Jesus. I wish I could look on your glory without shame.

    • Ebbie H says:

      Mark, If you have asked Lord Jesus to be your Savior and you are working on following him in your daily life by reading your Bible and talking to Him throughout your day, you are serious about being His and He knows it. He will never leave you nor forsake you. You WILL fail Him at times and you will chastise yourself. (“Why did I say/do THAT? I know better!”).
      Ask Him again for forgiveness rather than hiding from Him in shame. Some days will be easier for you to draw near to Him while others will seem harder because you’ll be feeling guilt for having not said, not done, this or that. REMEMBER: Jesus The Messiah’s blood sacrifice covers all of your sins from the time you were born to when you take your last breath. To those who receive Him as their Savior, He gives them the right to become the children of Yahuah. (God).
      Yahuah Elohim (God) showed He accepted Jesus’ Sacrifice by raising Jesus from the dead. He gave Him back His Life. When you spiritually fall down, just pick yourself up and continue following Him. You’ll get better at it as time goes on. Wanting Him in your life becomes a strong, natural desire which increases as you follow Him. I’ve found the Gospel of John to be a goldmine of Jesus’ Sayings for us to know and follow. The Gospel of Luke is also great.

  • cliff says:

    Another victim “claimed” by the “new world order”, “great reset” depopulation “DEATH JABS: , and continual “boosters” being forced on people all over the WORLD. Stay tuned, you have not seem ANYTHING YET. The “CULLING” of the “useful idiots” for the “deep state wealthy elite CABAL” is just beginning.

  • MsEmmaRose says:

    The parents better look into this further. Many strokes are being caused by that vaccine! The doctors receive extra money if they put the cause of death not vaccine related! All of these died suddenly or had a stroke, or cardio event are vaccine related and if he was vaccinated, you need to push it and get a lawyer!

    • D says:

      When covid first hit the hosptials got paid more if they put covid, government trying to scare everyone into getting the jab.

  • Ebbie H says:

    I hope he asked Jesus for the forgiveness of his sins at any time in his short life. Long life is not promised to anyone. Both the Bible and life itself prove that. That’s why teaching our children about spiritual issues is vital. We make more preparations to vacation in another state than we do when facing an eternity we are not returning from.

  • Tink says:

    So many young and healthy individuals are passing away and no one seems to be connecting the dots!!!! My physicians assistant mentioned it to me recently. She said “have you noticed all the young, healthy, athletic people just dying. From teenagers to early 50’s?” And of course I had. She even said, that’s why I told my patients to not get the jab! Another Dr. of mine in early 2020 said I’m not recommending that vaccine to any of my patients. He said from what he had been reading about it, the only thing he could see was it was a way to depopulate the world???



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