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16-Year-Old Cheerleader Dies After Suffering Sudden Cardiac Arrest

A high school girl, who is being remembered for her drive and ebullience, has died after a sudden cardiac arrest.

Callie Mitchell, a 16-year-old who was heading into her junior year of high school, was at cheerleading camp when she suffered a fatal cardiac arrest, according to KHOU. Mitchell attended the camp as of July 24.

Michelle and Scott Donahue — Mitchell’s parents — suggest the cardiac arrest is a result of their daughter’s Long QT. Callie’s parents were in contact with the coach just days before her death.

“If it wasn’t for [the coach], we would have never had the chance to say goodbye,” Michelle Donahue said.

A popular cheerleader out of Morton Ranch High School (Katy, TX), Mitchell’s medical emergency reportedly took place while she was at Texas A&M University. Mitchell was airlifted to Texas Children’s Hospital, KHOU noted.

Mitchell died from the cardiac arrest despite her coach providing CPR.

Mitchell’s parents also went on to encourage other parents to purchase EKGs, which are used to monitor potential heart problems.

“For any other parents out there, you know they do physicals every year. … EKGs are not part of a physical. … Get an EKG,” Scott Donohue said.

The 16-year-old’s obituary read in part:

“Callie was a young lady of many passions. She was a cheerleader who brought cheerfulness to those around her. She was an avid reader and cherished her moments spent with family and friends. Callie also had a special place in her heart for her French bulldogs, Eugene and Ruby.”

“Callie had a unique connection with time and would make a wish at 11:11 a.m., trusting in the magic of the moment. At church, she was the spirited teenager who always insisted on the front row, reflecting her strong faith and commitment to her beliefs,” her obituary continued.

“She adorned her car, ‘Faith,’ with a cross hanging from the mirror, symbolizing her unwavering devotion. A natural leader, Callie attended Great Adventure Camp and took on the role of Leader in Training, excited about her future plans to become a counselor there. She aspired to be a child psychologist, reflecting her compassionate and caring nature. Callie was also a member of NCL Star Katy, where she loved to volunteer in the community.”

  • Tamirose170 says:

    Let me guess the “Great Adventure Camp” or Cheerleading Camp still requires the clot shot? I just can’t handle the heartbreak to read another one of these stories ~ but I often wonder what type of life their parents will have until they perish, will they blame themselves or Biden and when will they stand up and fight back. The Parents NEED to get real angry and work together to Sue the smithereens out of the CDC, FDA and NIH. They have quietly swept this under the rug with the hopes people forget about it – just 3 months ago Biden STILL had Restrictions in Place for COVID (for the financial perks & freedoms it gave him). I’ll never forget Justin Trudeau having truck drivers rigs smashed into and hauled away, their bank accounts seized and how the POWER that be in The White House right now infringed on all of our Rights….then he goes to Delaware 360+ days and returns as if nothing was done wrong – – How can he live with himself? Who is doing the deep dive investigation into how the virus was released into all Nations simultaneously and when did they get those policies agreed upon and written up – Who all planned for this Pandemic, because it was not a “Surprise”…. Should be able to torture Gates & Zuckerberg for their knowledge, as I know they HAVE been releasing chemicals in the air over certain areas in an attempt to change “climate” and we know Gates released genetically programmed mosquitoes in Texas and Florida…..

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