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14-Year-Old “Fit and Healthy” Child Suffers Cardiac Arrest While Out Biking

A 14-year-old child from England suffered from cardiac arrest while he was out riding his bike last week.

Oscar and his stepfather, Adam Dawe, 34, were mountain biking along with the mountain biking group Cornwall Bicycle Project on Bodmin Moor when Oscar complained of feeling dizzy, according to Essex Live.

“Oscar has always loved mountain biking, since he was nine or 10 he’s been out with me doing 18-mile rides and absolutely smashed it,” said Adam.

“So when he started falling behind on a relatively easy ride, it was strange. It wasn’t like Oscar. We managed to get him back to the car park when he said he felt dizzy, but when we got there he just collapsed, his heart stopped beating and he stopped breathing.

“It was horrendous. I can’t stop thinking about what would have happened if it had happened 15 minutes before when I was alone with Oscar.”

Someone in the group performed CPR, sparing his life, while others went to retrieve a defibrillator. Oscar was taken to the hospital, and his mother, Emmie Moran, 38, has been by his side at Bristol Children’s Hospital.

He spent four days in an induced coma and, although he has now regained consciousness, is still awaiting open heart surgery.

The abnormal growth of one of his arteries, compared to a normal heart, is what the doctors think was the cause of his cardiac arrest, according to Essex Live. They diagnosed him with an untreated underlying heart condition. The doctor said Oscar had six months to recover.

“Oscar is usually so fit and healthy; we had no idea he had an underlying heart condition,” according to the fundraising campaign organized for Oscar.

“Oscar’s life was saved by the quick thinking of one individual there that night and also the team effort of everyone out riding with him.”

“Luckily, they managed to perform CPR and get a defibrillator from the local village very quickly. This ultimately resulted in saving his life and had there not been a defibrillator so close, we know that Oscar would not have survived. Oscar is still in Bristol’s Children’s Hospital, awaiting open heart surgery, to fix the issue the Doctor’s found with his heart.”

  • Nancy Murphy says:

    I wish his parents would let us know if has had vaccines and boosters.

  • Snickers says:

    BULLSHIT!!!! so covering for this putrid disgusting administration that currently runs our country, which is no longer. You sickening demons are KILLING THESE CHILDREN, BY FORCING THESE DEATH SHOTS ON THEM!!!! BURN IN HELL YOU FILTHY MONSTROUS DEMONS. AND STOP WITH YOUR LIES, IF THAT’S EVEN POSSIBLE FOR YOU?!

  • John says:

    Another death of an innocent child brought to you by a demonic satanic communist government infiltration of fake forced genocidal mandates

  • RM says:

    I supposed most of you didn’t read the article he had an underlying heart issue this was not a clot or jab issue of the Covid vaccines. Stop with the stupid remarks it makes you look like the morons you are.

  • Medrod says:

    Did you ever notice the, “Cause of death not known until an autopsy is performed”, but you NEVER hear the results of the subsequent autopsy?



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