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14 Injured Following Major Explosion at Metal Factory in Ohio

A Worker has died and 13 others were rushed to the hospital after a terrifying explosion at a metal manufacturing facility.

Witnesses reported hearing a massive boom that sent debris flying and sparked a raging fire at the I Schumann & Co plant near Bedford, Ohio, on Monday.

Dramatic photos and videos taken of the brass and bronze alloy manufacturer show the sky blackened with smoke while multiple agencies work to put out the flames.

Cars surrounding the facility caught fire from the explosion, which threw huge pieces of metal hundreds of yards, images from FOX 8 show.

Steven Mullins, a 46-year-old man from North Ridgeville, was killed in the blast, sources told NBC affiliate WKYC.

He was reportedly a maintenance worker at the plant.

At least two more people were listed as being in critical condition while the status of the other reported victims remains unclear, hospital officials confirmed to local outlets.

Multiple burn victims were discovered at the scene and at least one had to be dragged from the rubble and raced to the hospital.

One victim was treated at the scene, Oakwood Fire Department officials said.

Natives of nearby neighborhoods are stuck with a smell of gas and officials think the people “are likely to notice this odor for awhile yet.”

Authorities said they have the situation under control and are investigating the unknown cause of the fire.

“It’s a foundry, so you’re dealing with molten hot metal – so there’s always an inherent danger,” Oakwood Village Fire Captain Brian DiRocco told ABC affiliate News 5.

The majority of the fire was out by 5pm local time after the explosion happened around 3pm.

Witnesses have shared harrowing details of the incident that reportedly shook surrounding buildings.

Stephenie Davis said she was at work in Oakwood Village when she felt the rumble and looked outside her window to see a cloud of black smoke.

“Some windows at our neighboring building in front of us were blown out, cars were damaged and debris was on the ground after the first,” Davis told CNN.

“Everyone was in shock and looking at their cars and the building where the smoke was exiting.

“We heard another smaller boom and everyone started to either get in their cars to leave or go back into their work building for safety.”

Multiple roads were closed for hours following the fire.

Residents have been asked by officials to stay away from the area while they finish putting out the fire and investigate the harrowing incident.


Locals have noticed a “burning oil” smell that officials said may last for some time.

It comes after the plant experience another terrifying explosion in 2006 that injured five employees.

Molten metal caused the incident, and luckily none of the workers were seriously hurt, according to local reports.

I. Schumann & Co addressed the incident in a statement saying the safety of the workers is the top priority at this time.

“Our efforts now are focused on supporting the first responders who came on scene quickly to help our employees,” the company wrote.

“The safety and health of our employees is our top priority and we commit to ensuring they receive the medical care they need.

“We will work alongside investigators in their search for answers as part of our commitment to Northeast Ohio where we have been operating for more than 100 years.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with our team members and their families at this difficult time.”


This incident comes just 70 miles northwest of East Palestine, Ohio, where a 50-car train derailment had made international headlines for spilling hazardous chemicals.

Animals are allegedly getting sick and even dying in the surrounding area which has residents questioning their safety.

Local hazmat teams were called in to address the incident that caused a massive explosion with towering fires.

The train was said to have been carrying a variety of products from Madison, Illinois, to Conway, Pennsylvania, according to AP News.

Some of those products, in 20 of 100 cars on the track, carried hazardous chemicals “including flammables, combustibles, or environmental risks,” per the rail operator Norfolk Southern.

National Transportation Safety Board member Michael Graham explained to reporters that 14 cars were carrying vinyl chloride and were specifically “exposed to fire.”

Vinyl chloride is used in plastic products and is reportedly associated with an increased risk of liver cancer, per the National Cancer Institute.

Mayor Trent Conway evacuated the area in a one-mile radius soon after, declaring a state of emergency because of federal officials’ worries over the exposed hazardous materials.

The Ohio Health Department is opening a clinic to address growing health concerns.

The rail company now faces multiple class action lawsuits and Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost is threatening litigation for the damages against citizens and the environment.

  • Giovanni Fima says:

    Is starting to look more like we have saboteur(s) in our country, the electrical grid got hit, the train derailment, our food supply is under attack, major fire at a steel plant, pipe bomb found, major fire at a chicken farm and god knows what else is going on? I don’t believe in coincidence(s), when is our Country FBI and other law enforcement agencies going to start looking into this shit!

    • R says:

      They WON’T. It’s all part of the plan. These agencies are deeply rooted in Biden and the deep state. As long as these agencies and biden are in controll, it will never stop. I’m afraid it will only get worse!

  • X Patriot says:

    So dept of trans sec buttwhip you going to drag your leftist feet on this tragedy in Ohio like you did with the train derailments in East Palestine where President Trump was going to come before you did anything it only took you 7 days to alert FEMA of this derailment and the fake media were finally notified to come and do anything for the people of this town and surrounding area but here’s a thought don’t be stupid again and blame President Trump it makes you look and sound small and stupid more than you already are completely and incompetent at your job your weren’t even qualified for! Let’s Go Brandon!

  • MARY H PRICE says:


  • Believer says:

    Yet another suspicious factory explosion. How many are we up to in the past couple of years?



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