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Laptop from Hell: Hunter Biden, Big Tech, and the Dirty Secrets the President Tried to Hide

The inside story of the laptop that exposed the president’s dirtiest secret.

When a drug-addled Hunter Biden abandoned his waterlogged computer at a Mac repair shop in Delaware in the spring of 2019, just six days before his father announced his candidacy for the United States presidency, it became the ticking time bomb in the shadows of Joe Biden’s campaign.

The dirty secrets contained in Hunter’s laptop almost derailed his father’s presidential campaign and ignited one of the greatest media coverups in American history.

This is the unvarnished story of what’s really inside the laptop and what China knows about the Bidens, by the New York Post journalist who brought it into the open.

It exposes the coordinated censorship operation by Big Tech, the media establishment, and former intelligence operatives to stifle the New York Post’s coverage, in a chilling exercise of raw political power three weeks before the 2020 election.

A treasure trove of corporate documents, emails, text messages, photographs, and voice recordings, spanning a decade, the laptop provided the first evidence that President Joe Biden was involved in his son’s ventures in China, Ukraine, and beyond, despite his repeated denials.

This intimate insight into Hunter’s dissolute lifestyle shows he was incapable of holding down a job, let alone being paid tens of millions of dollars in high-powered international business deals by foreign interests, unless he had something else of value to sell—which of course he did. He was the son of the vice president who would go on to become the leader of the free world.

  • Boaz says:

    There should be a massive lawsuit against the media sources in this country that have lied and kept the truth from the American People , because it is they who are Anti Americans and should be punished in one way or another, they should have to pay. They are the mains source for dividing the country. And the 51 So called INTEL that said this was a Russian plot or whatever. I hope every one of them is sued until they can no longer breathe. they should also have any security rights taken away!! Hear that Republicans? November isn’t coming fast enough to start the purge of the American Communist.

    • Kurtis says:

      The DemonRatPack belongs to the same Zionist Mafia, the Illuminati, Or the elite if you wish. As David Dorfman (Rotchild) once said, those that Control the Media and the Money Control the Country.! Big Banks = the World Central Bank = the Bank of America = the IRS. the Feds, The true missing money has long past $.400. TRILLION. They owe Your Government, the FBI, and The CIA. The EU, the UN, and now they want to rule the world, The New World Order. One of the reasons they want your guns.!! Let the Maga King come back and clean up the Swamp.

  • Trey says:


  • suspicioususan73 says:

    Look! Face it! Our Government is corrupt. The Chinese ‘payoff’ news stifled ,with millions changing hands to Biden ( the big man) . Not too long before Hillary Clinton’s personal laptop, from the ‘closet’, with confidential information ‘out there’ and the FBI’s visit to her house with no record kept of her statements> > or swearing in for ‘truth’. Crooked to the core, Banana Republic with the Democrats in charge of EVERYTHING..the courts, the media, the voting irregularities. We are done.

  • Jim says:

    I want Hunter arrested! Why does a POS like Susserman slide-it’s no wonder that the FBI is useless,. They don’t seem a bit disturbed that they were lied to and a jury didn’t care. Why? Way is horrible-he’s a waste. The FBI is so deeply involved in this coverup that they have no choice to go along to save their own asses. Just ask this question? With all the criminal activity by ol Hunter, not a single charge has been filed? The FBI is gone-please take that crusty worthless cockroach of a POTUS with you.

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